• Welcome To Culbertson Hills Golf Resort

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  • Welcome To Culbertson Hills Golf Resort

    Exceptional Golf Located In Edinboro, PA

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Welcome to Culbertson Hills

March 28, 2020

Hello golfers!  It is almost April and we are all anxious to get out on the course to enjoy our favorite game!  And now we have TWO problems…one old….the weather in northwestern PA!…and one new…. COVID 19!  Although Edinboro has had a few nice days recently, and we have had a minimal amount of snow this winter, with the rain last night and today…and the Accuweather forecast for the next 7 days, opening the course in the next 7-10 days does not look promising…EVEN IF WE WERE PERMITTED TO BE OPEN!

COVID 19 is affecting all of us. The Curly Halmi Game Dinner scheduled for April 4th has been postponed.  The Downtown Edinboro Art and Music Festival scheduled for mid May has been cancelled.  “Social distancing” is the most important factor in our ability to combat this virus and we strongly recommend that EVERYONE take part!  Wash your hands!  Stay at home! Wash your hands again!  Stay connected to loved ones via you cell phone or computer! Wash your hands!  Stay at home!  This will pass if we all work together.

The Pennsylvania Golf Association, The Western Pennsylvania Golf Association, The Western New York Section of the PGA, The PGA of America and the National Golf Course Owner’s Association (as well as every other entity involved in our sport) are all working on formulating a plan to allow golf.  I’m sure you’ve seen the cup raised an inch above the green, no touching the flagstick, walking, riding in separate carts, etc.  We will incorporate all safety precautions to the fullest once we are given the OK to be open.

On Monday, March 30th we will be participating in a video conference call with fellow WNYPGA and PGA professionals to get an update on the latest information concerning COVID 19 and the golf industry.  All pertinent information will be forwarded to you.

In the meantime, we have been busy getting ready for the 2020 golf season.  Golf carts are ready to go. The golf course is nearly all picked up after the usual winter tree shedding.  Equipment is being worked on daily as we social distance ourselves in the maintenance building.  Plans for green aeration have been thwarted by the weather. We are a small family-owned and operated business…and appreciate your support with your patience and optimism!

Stay safe, practice social distancing, wash your hands.  We can’t wait to see you all at Culbertson Hills soon!

– Gary, Bobby, and Donald Orr
Owners of Culbertson Hills Golf Resort

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